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It is affirmative impossible to make shallow language in the door of west helpless, she was simply don't hide as well, a while from just squatted down of jumped in small pit, a kick toward that by leap and bound toward the thunder mountain that she is blunt to come over old ghost belly.
But she kicks out of the right foot haven't come yet and fall in, her neck drive what things to block.The right foot ends up in nothing, her right ahead have already had no thunder of the shadow of human figure of mountain old ghost.
The combat like this really isn't what her person of this artistic skill level can participate in.
The thunder mountain blood ghost connects a voice the Yin smile, his have keen sense of smell, is also an emotional stirrings to differ with ordinary people to the flavor of fresh blood.A long while ago know that he thinks to is an assistant of leaf autumn before someone rushed through to come over, , the in the mind has been watching out for to the this place as well.He is to clearly remember, he for the first time when the leaf autumn in front shows a body, after death close on the heels of since then a few strong breathing.
After waiting in a short while, seeing an arrival the person had never made moves the meaning for helping.And her breath is bulky, the heart palpitates frequency is the also the quickest, basically is different from is a body character that superior should have.The thunder mountain blood ghost this just lets go of heart, on the contrary feeling oneself is many 1s to rely on.
Now, this woman indeed as expected lets his parties ascend use.Since not the ability safety succeed in escaping, that pulls her to do personal quality.
Leaf's seeing the west to the autumn shallow language in the door be captured, have to stop making track for shot.Looking at be blocked a small face of neck to suppress a ground of red, be flounderingly still trying very hard to west shallow language in the door, the leaf autumn says with a smile:"Literally hold tight an individual and then can be hostage?Her living and then have what relation with me?"
Ye Qiu is really worried that the thunder mountain blood ghost kills people to escape, again explanation way:"My also having no doesn't want to kill your meaning, be want to ask you a few questions.Come, put this woman, we discussed well."
"Do you want to ask what?"The thunder mountain blood ghost didn't let go of meaning, but is one face vigilance the ground looking at a leaf for autumn, the dark sinks ground to ask a way.
"What name does this ring call?"The autumn of the leaf towardsed the thunder mountain blood ghost to rock to start to point the last ring and said.
The thunder mountain blood ghost surprisedly saw leaf's one eye for autumn and asked a way:"Do not you know?"
"Do not know."The autumn of the leaf frankly nods.
Isn't this an useless talk?If know that I return a fee so greatly and vigorously asking of son you?
"The Yin works properly to quit.Yin boundary on waiting one magic weapon, are you unexpectedly incognizant?You from where got?"The thunder mountain blood ghost flustered and frustratedly says.Seem leaf for autumn incognizant this ring, be verily don't respect him.
"I how get and the your some relation also have no.The second problem, answer you can walk.What function does this ring have?"
"Gobble up.Gobble up all the strengths of the Yin boundaries."The thunder mountain blood ghost says with excited look.Can see, he is to how and urgently want to own this ring.
This some leaf the autumn know and just also realized more clearly him to strongly gobble up ability.
The autumn of the leaf asks a way:"In addition to this, also is other?"
"Is this still not enough?"The thunder mountain blood ghost hates ground to say."The Yin works properly to quit on the your hand, I again how understand it to still have what ability?"
The autumn of the leaf has some to disappoint, originally this guy knows of also combine not much.However is also, want to come at oneself now it before, it already the disappearance ground is too long.
Otherwise, so baby if fall into thunder mountain ghost this person's hand up, lend this to raise and fix for of words, perhaps and early make a ground of blood rain Xing breeze.
The autumn of the leaf puts to say:"Like, my problem finished asking.Release her, you leave."
"You are incognizant she?"The thunder mountain blood ghost again asks a way.He of that intactly choke the neck of west shallow language in the door so much and let her even the sentence words all can not say it.
"It is incognizant."The autumn of the leaf shakes head.He fears that this monster knows that he knew west shallow language in the door, and then took this woman to threaten himself/herself.
The woman equals trouble, is a more beautiful woman is more such.
You see the novel about swordsmen of gold Yong inside and have the woman whom the bad person takes leading role to threaten him each time, it happened that still can succeed each time.Thou dragon cleverness many,

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