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The thunder mountain blood ghost ground head also more and more circle, crone emaciatedly face's changing now ground is that the full circle is smooth very much.The facial expression became purple red and sold ground with market that kind of good species ground the eggplant is general.
Belly fiercely on shrinking, that billowingly belly to absorbed into.Have been tightly closing lightly a ground of mouth to suddenly open, using the oneself body Jing blood of blood coagulation but become the arrows is to grow eyes ground, the disease soon escapes toward the leaf autumn place to make track for pass by.
The leaf hears the behind to the autumn that burns a ground of lightning flash Pa ground sound, although too late turning head,also guessing the behind will have Xuan machine.After death on turning, and then transfered a direction.Unexpectedly that blood Jing also follows a leaf for autumn of ambulation but transfer a direction.
Depend, is this trick similar to"war ax" cruise missile, grew eyes?
The autumn of the leaf doesn't know ground BE, of so appear a circumstance like this, completely is because wear ground, that reason on the his hand.
The thunder mountain blood ghost is with a kind of most inhuman place type exaltation fix for, and he condenses with Jing blood and the spirit in the body of the blood arrows also belong to Yin spirit qualities, biting a soul to quit tonic food.
So resulted in now situation like this, leaf the autumn is trying very hard to avoid this blood arrows ground attack, but bite a soul ring at use the function of oneself is drawing on them.
Is last on hitting, the thunder mountain blood ghost that is to blow satisfied the balloon of spirit ground the body suddenly blow up to open, the flesh and blood is horizontal to fly, scatter 1 ground.
On the leaf's autumn hand of bite a soul ring suddenly the silver brighten to make, a big slice of dazzlingly the glory appear autumn and west shallow language in front in the door is at the leaf and hide a sky to cover a day.The strength that completely absorbed the thunder mountain blood ghost blood arrows and body to destroy biting of remaining Yin spirit soul ring internal savings after exploding arrived top and exploded to open a while.
West shallow language in the door is dense as a block, looking at at present spectacular sight with astounded look.
The bathing is in the silver only under of leaf autumn, in quiet stand where, a move also motionless.Don't know when, his double the eye changed black.
Safety of black, there are no impurities, is like 1 to gobble up the wholely black hole sort.
West shallow language in the door drive leaf the autumn hug in the bosom and have already grown the felling that would not like to climb during a lifetime.
The felling that originally lies prone on man's bosom is like this fine, just that monster brings her to fear with panic a sweep but light, here be like one the safe comfortable bay is general, if have dream, then indulge not to come to during a lifetime.
She just started having no now body variety of leaf autumn and waited until she now leaf autumn of excrescent, already late.
Certainly, it is even if early some to not necessarily so can escape a leaf as well for autumn now, with her artistic skill of palm heart.
The autumn of the leaf is very cold, very badly now cold.
That is cold from inside go to an outside but come out, imitate a Buddha to come from to flow Chang ground blood and each blood vessels in body, even the visceras are all frozen stiff general, with his deep medical science achievement bottom, unexpectedly could not feel heart ground, the Bo moves.
Is ten to connect heart, bite the soul ring savings land productivity quantity explosion to open, inform heart through a finger, then quickly seize a brain area.Cold and damp and ruthlessly oppressive amount of land productivity increases all the way, blunt was like complete to gather at a time before roaring and shouting, after arriving brain, form the cyclone in a black in blank district at the brain ground.
That revolves speed the quickest, and be like roll snow ball ground, more become more big.The Yin spirit that constantly has already rushed through to come over is come in by book, drive this black orb to absorb Na to gobble up.
If someone can see, will now the black orb of leaf autumn brain inside and he the color of eyes look exactly alike now.
It is purely black.There is no one silk impurities.Is like a science fiction movie the inside can absorb all black holes of Nas general.
When this ball gobbled up to bite a soul ring inside allly energy empress.Just stopped turning.Increased to rise speed to also stop down.Suspend in the brain.Is like a white ocean the inside is a very and dazzling brilliant ground black big pearl.

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